Alumni Weekend

Map to Florida Conference

Florida Conference is located just two miles from Forest Lake Academy (click photo to enlarge)

30th Reunion

Classmates at our 30th Reunion Saturday evening gathering. (Lori Bennett Photography)

Members of the Forest Lake Academy Class of 1988 had a wonderful Saturday evening during the 30th Alumni Reunion weekend as we gathered March 17, 2018, for dinner, fun, and reminiscing in the lobby of Florida Conference in Altamonte Springs.

Some photos from the weekend are available in two different albums on Lori Bennett Photography’s Facebook page:

Thanks to all who joined us. We’re already talking about gathering again in five years, so don’t hesitate to pencil in this time of year in 2023 on your calendar to be part of the next reunion!

The table below serves as the official record of who is planning to attend. Please tell us ASAP if you are attending and how many (spouse, etc.) so we can update this list.

30th Reunion Attendance

? = contacted but not yet sure if attending
- (dash) = confirmed not attending
Denise Adell (Souare)
Shannon Allen
Lena Andrews-
Lorraine Antolin (D'Avanzo)1
Bruce Austin
Kevin Badger
Carla Baez (Ruth)
RaeLea Bagshaw-
David Baldridge
Angela Battle (VanBuren)
Lee Bennett2
Sylvia Borden
Jessica Borrero
Arick Brigner
Bob Broome2
Andre Brown
Kim Brown
Rachelle Brutus
Angela Bullock (Register)
Tim Burrill2
Ronna Carter (Wolcott)
Gregg Chaddic
Bobby Cheever1
Daryl Cole1
Brian Coleman2
Alison Coutain
Jodi Creitz
Mark Crofton
Leslie Culton
Derek Curtis
Kevin Curtis
Raiza de los Ríos (Fernandez)-
Laura Dieppa (Santiago)
Debi Eldridge (Amick)
Brad Emde-
Bryan Emde2
Michelle Evilsizer
Jason Feagin
Aimee Fennell (Fennell-Yasses)
Ryan Fetters-
Kim Fillman (Steed)
Wade Forde
Diane Foulkes (Douglas)
Becky Frazier
Jennifer Freeman (Mahoney)
Rob Fulbright
Sharna Gebauer
Curtis Giles
Gina Gilliam
John Glass2
Raul Gonzalez
Darren Gray
Sherry Greek (Mahaffey)
Lanelle Griffin
Paul Hagopian
Kristi Hall (Webster)
Tess Hall (Roebuck)
Jennifer Hamilton (Coon)
William Harris
Angela Harrison
Jeffery Hartzog
Allison Hensley
Patricia Herman
Lynita Hileman (Molloy)
Harvey Hillyer2
Nigel Hinds
Lori Hoeckendorf (Harlan)-
Laura Hong
Andra Huggins (Scott)
Deborah Hunziker
David Hyde
Debbie Illick (Blount)
Patrick Jackson
Lori Jacobi
Ennis Johnson
James Keiser
William Kelly
Herb Klischies1
Greg Koch
Jamie Kruse
Aaron Kwun
Melissa LaPorte (Dobias)2
Linda Lee
Bill Linthwaite
Kristi Loenser
Israel Lopez
Romeli Lynd
Christopher Lynsey
Marry Malmstrom
Kenny Marshall-
Stacey Mastrapa
Laura Mathews
Monica McIntyre (Badger)
Eric McLaughlin
Kevin McNeill
Brenda Menhardt (Schalk)1
Maribel Mercado
Chris Miller-
Kelly Miller
Russ Miller
Lisa Milton
Robin Milton
Emil Moldrik
Stephen Mole
Cynthia Montgomery
Paul Morgan
Lucinda Moses (Eatman)
Amber Murphy (Gallina)
Frank Newgard
Trish Norvelle
Ade Ojo
Murry Olmsted
Andria Otto (Cheever)1
Michael Parsons
Cheryl Patterson (Hunt)
Eltrina Patterson
Harry Paul
Jason Pavlow
Michelle Pearson1
Christie Peters (Brown)
Retha Pomeroy (Knave)
Janelle Powers
Ted Pratt
Stephanie Pritchett
Rob Proctor
Craig Prutzman
Charmaine Purchase
Amy Ratliff
Stephanie Rauch (Addison)
Andrew Richards
Kelly Roark
Daniel Robbins
Dominique Root
Joyce Rosete (Fernandez)
Sharna Rudolph (Tuesta)
Hans Schermerhorn
Kirk Schnoor-
Shelli Senior (Dietrich)
Pat Shelton
Evelyn Shepard (West)
Michelle Smeenge
James Smith1
Julie Smith
Patricia Snider
Shannin Spinella (Pickle)
Pam Starnes-
Kathy Stewart
Brian Sturdivant
David Swinyar
Angel Tackman
John Tary2
Christie Thomas
Nancy Thomas (Scott)-
Judy Thompson (Thompson-Desarme)
Monica Tschickardt1
Gale Varner (Rulapaugh)?
Tami Vence (Geli)2
Danny Villemain
Brian Watts
Scott Webster
James West
Joe Wheeler
Robert Whitaker
Kim Wilgus (Butka)1
Jeremy Williams
Lisa Willsey (Goolsby)
Hearne Wilson
Laura Wilson (Spotts)
Todd Wolcott
Lisa Wooley (Norris)