First News Post

Greetings, classmates. This is the new FLA Class of 1988 web site and we’re just now starting to get everything from the old site transferred here. Once that is complete, we’ll then work to update as much out-of-date information as possible.

Classmate contact information is behind protected pages that require a login. Login accounts are created upon request and are also required to post comments to news posts. (Note: Pages for certain deceased classmates and linked tribute pages do not require a login account.)

Use the Contact Form to request an account, providing the desired e-mail address to use with the account and the desired appearance of your username (default is firstnamelastname, lower case, no spaces, maiden last name). Upon account creation, please visit your own classmate page and use the contact form again to submit updated information/recent photo or even just confirm all info is correct so we can update the “Verified” date.

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